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  1. Selected artists will be charged a £15 hanging fee to cover installation costs and production of labels.  Selected artists should submit a brief statement about the work - no more than 50 words.

  2. Work must be handed in in person and packing material taken away as there are no storage facilities for this, any problems please contact Adele on

  3. Selected works should be framed and have mirror plate hanging attachments one at each side, unless differing installation criteria have been previously agreed. No clip frames will be accepted and work not ready to hang as specified will be rejected.

  4. Whilst this is not intended to be a selling exhibition, selected artists will have the opportunity to provide contact details and website information to be made available both in the gallery and also on the website. Interested buyers will be directed to contact individual artists.

  5. At the end of the exhibition work should be collected on Monday August 5th between 10am and 12noon. Please note there are no storage facilities after the exhibition has ended.

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