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We were delighted to receive almost 150 submissions to the open call for art on the theme of 'Let's talk about the Anthropocene'.  We would have loved to have shown more works but due to the limitations of gallery space we selected work from those artists shown below.  The aim was to select work in a range of media, which will be thought-provoking for the viewer and stimulate on-going conversations that are initiated within the gallery.

The work selected from the open call will be shown alongside established invited artists and the residency artists, in an exhibition at the University of Brighton Grand Parade gallery during the week from 27th July to 2nd August. I am also excited to be showing a piece of work Lead II, by Emma Stibbon RA, which she made following her Arctic residency.


During the exhibition, there will be events and opportunities for visitors to talk to 8 resident artists.  The aim is to foster conversations and public engagement with this important subject both within the local community and further afield. Selected work will also be shown on our instagram feed. 


Judith Alder, Jonathon Alibone, Karen Beattie, Dean Coates, Rebecca Coleman, David Crawford, Marie-Claire Hanon, Barbara Howey, David Robert Jones, Patti Mckenna Jones, Cameron Lings, Rachel Magdeburg,Terence Matthews, Jill Miller, Lisa Rigg, Samuel Ivan Roberts, Dominic Rose, Katherine Paisley, Claire Pethwick, Sofie Pinkett, Cheri Smith, Fiona J Sperryn, Emma Stibbon, Bharat Thankur, Beverley Thornley, Brian Voce, Sig Waller, Stella Yarrow, Zaneta Zuklova.



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